GLEE wholesale program

interested in purchasing glee in bulk for your organization or resale business? apply for the glee wholesale program!

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Wholesale Pricing & Favorable Margins

We realize running a business can be hard, but having high-quality product offering with favorable margins will help.

Free Shipping

Spend $100 or more and we’ll cover the shipping.

Merch & Swag

Glee merchanding tools and Glee branded apparel for you business and sales staff.

Wide Variety

Shop our full range of products.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Water Soluble, Pet, Topical.

Consistent Product

Glee has a fully integrated approach to its CBD product lineup.  We use high-quality hemp grown with organic farming practices from Wisconsin farmers, tested with 3rd party labs.  We meticulously process to distillate, formulate, bottle, and package in our facility.  Again, performing 3rd partying testing on all batches of raw CBD distillate and final goods.